Dexpolygon - Launchpad
Decentralized launchpad on Polygon Network


In 2013, Several projects used the crowdsale model to try and fund their development. Like Ethereum and Ripple did, Ethereum raised over $18 million in early 2014 and Ripple create 1 billion XRP tokens and sell them to investors willing to exchange them for fiat currency or Bitcoin. With blockchain technology, the fundraising process becomes easier. In 2020, one of the most popular terms in the crypto world was IDO, which stands for Initial DEX Offering. The new fundraising model reflected a tectonic shift in crowdsale trends to offer better liquidity for crypto assets and faster, more open fair trading.
Token public sales have evolved over the last four years. The IDO model itself is the successor of crypto fundraising methods such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs) and then the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).

Dexpolygon - Launchpad

Dexpolygon - Launchpad is decentralized fundraising platform on Polygon. It allows crypto startups to held fundraising campaign through built-in liquidity pools without depending on intermediaries. Dexpolygon - Launchpad allow users from different nations to participate in token public sale where they will be bought tokens a from crypto startups. It also enables community members to benefit from immediate token trading, as well as save on lower costs for listing.

Dexpolygon - Launchpad is decentralized fund raising platform, community-driven, open and free with equal opportunity for all.

Dexpolygon Launchpad Working Scheme


Crypto Startup

  • Launch fundraising campaigns
  • Expand the awareness of their promising projects by submitting it to our community
  • Save time and important costs (technical, marketing etc)


  • Identify early stage investment opportunities on exclusive projects
  • Compare profitability and risks of each projects
  • Liquid investments
  • Stay informed about projects development
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