Accessing DeFi as snapping a finger


Dexpolygon is a DeFi platform which combines a token issuance module that allowing to launch new token and crowdfunding campaign with an embedded DEX AMM inside. Dexpolygon has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current DeFi ecosystem for all the stakeholders. Dexpolygon aims to align the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and traders to bring them into a fully decentralized and transparent ecosystem.




  • Launch fundraising campaigns

  • Expand the awareness of their promising projects by submitting it to our community

  • Save time and important costs (technical, marketing etc)

  • Create a token with a sustainable liquid market


  • Identify early stage investment opportunities on exclusive projects

  • Compare profitability and risks of each projects

  • Liquid investments

  • Stay informed about projects development


  • Multi-signature wallet to keep safe your cryptoassets

  • Exclusive opportunities to trade newly cryptoassets

  • Decentralized order book

  • Pertinent market information and live market data

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